EmpowerMR Contrast Injection System

The EmpowerMR Contrast Injection System is uniquely designed for seamless integration within the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) setting. This device has the following features:

Virtually eliminates RF transients in the scanner room

MR Conditional up to 7-Tesla

The compact, rotating head adapts to workflow and the environment

The EmpowerMR Injector Head, which is MR Conditional, can be positioned on either the right or left side of the MR scanner, on either side of the patient gantry. The controls on the Injector Head should be outward facing to the clinician to ensure that the patient can be observed concurrently with the injector controls.

There is no minimum distance requirement within these locations to the exterior of the MR scanner, within these prescribed locations for static magnetic field strengths up to 7-Tesla.

Two system configurations are possible. The only difference between the two system configurations is the location of the Hydraulic Controller. In one configuration, the Hydraulic Controller is located in the Equipment Room and in the other it is located in the Control Room.

The Equipment Room is the preferred location due to the noise of the Hydraulic Controller. As a general rule, the Hydraulic Controller must be located beyond the ten gauss level.


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